These Beautiful Splashbacks Are Guaranteed to Make Your Kitchen Beautiful!

The consumption of food is an incredibly important part of human social life, even in the busy Western World. Our days are planned and staggered around each of the three daily meals, as if breakfast, lunch, and dinner were each a small, calming ritual that we use, not only to centre ourselves, but to connect with others.

Given this, it seems absolutely natural that the kitchen is a hub, a point which anchors everything else together in many homes. Living spaces – both outdoor and indoor ones – tend to flow out from the kitchen and then bedrooms, those tiny spaces which we make ours and ours alone, which are mapped onto the living areas.

For many families, the kitchen is where they spend most of their time and where some of their best, most treasured memories are created. Think: Mum and the kids baking chocolate chip cookies, Mum and Dad cooking a beautiful spaghetti bolognaise together, two siblings raiding the fridge for the tastiest leftovers after a late-night out on the town.

Make your Kitchen Beautiful

If the kitchen is such a central and important space in your home, one in which you spend most of your time, it follows that it would be ideal for you and your family if it were also a beautiful space. Unfortunately, many Australian homes are old and haven’t been updated in a long time, and this means that their kitchens often appear dowdy, poorly-cared for, and occasionally, like an absolute eyesore.

Thankfully, if you live in an older home, one with one of the outdated kitchens described above, then there are now more options than ever available to you in terms of updating it. One of the easiest and most affordable of these options is the introduction of a new kitchen splashback.

What is a Splashback?

A splashback is the glass or tiled area behind the stove that appears in most kitchens. You need one to ensure that your walls and cabinetry are insulated from the heat, oils, and smells that are often part and parcel of cooking delicious meals.

Why You Should Get a Splashback

You should get a splashback because they are an affordable, easy option to update your kitchen and begin to bring it into the 21st century. A kitchen splashback in Perth will not cost you an exorbitant amount of money, and if you select the correct colour – say, a bold red, if you want to make the room more lively, or a pearlescent white, if you want the room to seem sedate, classy and cool – then it can have an incredible visual impact.

The kitchen is the centre of your home and, as such, it is incredibly important that it is well-maintained, and beautiful in order to create an atmosphere that you and your family can enjoy. Introduce a modern, glass splashback to your kitchen to liven it up and stop it feeling ancient today. It’s affordable and will work visual wonders.