The Different Types of Window Film

Your windows are the way you let light into your home and the way you can easily regulate the temperature of your home. They have a couple of vulnerabilities. Your windows allow heat to transfer into your home from solar heat transfer and they are vulnerable to damage. The damage done to your windows can be unintentional or intentional. Intentional damage usually refers to damage done by criminals who want to break into your home. It can also be done by vandals. Breaking windows is one of the easiest ways that criminals can commit mischief. Unintentional damage refers to the damage done by storms. The wind can blow branches or debris into your windows and shatter the glass. Concerning the amount of heat transfer, your windows will always transfer heat as long as the sun shines through them. That puts you at risk of higher cooling costs as well as prolonged exposure to UV rays. There is a simple solution to these problems, though. You need film on your windows. There are several kinds of film that perform different purposes. There are also some hybrid films.

Solar Film

Solar film is a type of film that goes over your window on the inside. It is similar to tint for your car windows. Solar film does not greatly reduce the amount of light that comes into your home but it does limit the amount somewhat. Furthermore, it can be used to block most of the UV rays that come into your home. UV rays from sunlight are the most common culprit for different kinds of skin disease and reducing your exposure can greatly reduce your risk. The sunlight coming through your windows, including the UV rays, is also responsible for damaging your upholstery. Sunlight can bleach fabric and dry out leather upholstery. Blocking some of the sunlight can keep you safe and keep your home more comfortable for less money. It should be noted that your houseplants might not like your solar film. Some plants need a certain amount of UV light to grow properly. If you are thinking of investing in solar film, you should research how much UV light your plants need.

Safety Film

Solar film addresses the solar heating but not necessarily the danger to your windows from physical damage. The physical damage can only be mitigated with security film. This is film that is designed to keep your windows secure without changing the look of your windows.

The concept is fairly simple. You apply a film to the inside of your window that is sturdier than glass but just as clear. You will be able to see through your windows with the same clarity but they will be protected from danger. If someone does break your window, it will not shatter, and it will not provide him or her access to your home. He or she can crack the glass but the protections are still in place.

If you want to keep your home comfortable and secure, you need to select the proper kind of film for your needs.