A Brief Overview of Rainwater Tanks and Why They’re So Important

Water is and always has been one of the world’s most valuable resources, making water management one of our most important tasks. We might tend to take it for granted today, but access to clean water has been critical for nearly all of human history and remains difficult in many parts of the world today. Conversely, too much water, clean or otherwise, can flood an area and turn it into a nightmare. This can be especially problematic in the case of rainwater.

That’s why rainwater tanks are and long have been one of the most important tools in effective water management. Here are a few things to consider when looking to purchase rainwater tanks in QLD.

Domestic and Rural Tanks

When it comes to domestic and rural tanks, there are many things to consider. First and foremost, you naturally need to find a tank which fits your home. There are many different standardised tank sizes available depending on the size of your property, how much rainwater the unit needs to hold, and what you ultimately plan on doing with that water. You’ll want to ensure that you have a high-quality scour drain and access hatch as well as sturdy steel walls and roofing. It is imperative that the walls in particular be of the utmost quality, given the potentially severe consequences of a leak. You’ll also need to consider what the tank inlet and outlet valves need to be like, and how you plan to access the tank. There are plenty of optional items which might be useful to have as well, including different inlet and outlet valves for different purposes if you are indeed planning on using your collected rainwater for different ends, a water level gauge, and tank roof fascia. Finally, some rainwater tank companies offer colouring options so that you can more easily suit your tank to your overall décor.

Commercial Tanks

As with rural and domestic tanks, commercial tank options, first and foremost, need to boast incredibly strong and long-lasting walls. As dire as the situation can be when a domestic tank leaks, a commercial tank bursting can be even worse. Some tanks can store as many as 5 million litres—an amount of water you would not want to have rushing out over any given area. Commercial tanks can be incredibly useful in a variety of different sectors, including agriculture, mining, and industrial factory work.

Warranty and Service Information

Whether you’re buying a rural, domestic, or commercial tank, you need to be aware of and fully understand your warranty, both before and after purchasing. That’s sound advice for any large purchase around the home, of course, but it’s especially true for rainwater tanks considering the importance of having them properly and promptly serviced in the event of an issue. As such, ordering from companies with a good track record of customer service is absolutely essential.

Water collection and management is a critical part of our lives, so take charge and order a quality rainwater tank today.